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AR SERVICES S.A. provides, as professional, quality services. Aimed at individuals, companies and institutional investors, our service offer includes: domiciliation or office rental services, management and administration services, corporate and social secretarial services, accounting services, tax services, mandates of directors and managers, mandates of statutory auditor, mandates of liquidator, mandates of commissaire to the liquidation and any other services relating to individuals and companies.

Our structure is organized to render you a complete and optimal service while being very attached to the quality of the human relations, the respect of your corporate culture, your values and your personal journey.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the field of accounting, tax law, corporate law and labor law.

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Accounting services

As professionals, we provide a broad range of accounting and reporting services, from day-to-day bookkeeping to ...


- Advice to start a business; ...

Tax compliance services

- Preparation and filing of corporation of corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net wealth tax returns; ...

Domiciliation and rental services

Domiciliation This service consists in providing domiciliation services to Luxembourg companies, i.e. provide them with ...

Payroll and Human Resources

AR SERVICES S.A. specialises in payroll management services: – Preparation and receipt of payment orders, ...

Corporate and administrative services

- Safe keeping of the company's files; ...

Liquidation services

- Provision of liquidator's mandate or voluntary liquidation statutory auditor's mandate; ...

Directorship’s mandate

- Individual director(s) or manager(s) placed at the disposal of the domiciled company; ...



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La société civile (SC) est un type de société qui s’inscrit notamment dans le cadre de professions ...

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Devenir indépendant au Luxembourg


Contrairement aux travailleurs frontaliers salariés dont l’employeur s’occupe des démarches ...

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