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Incorporation of companies

From organising your business to improving its performance,

AR Services optimises your investment and supports your development.

Whether you need help creating a commercial company or restructuring your company, our team can advise you on the strategy to choose and the actions to take.


Creating or restructuring a company requires, on the one hand, specialist knowledge of legislation, financial analysis and management, and, on the other hand, a trusted professional network.


AR Services can assist you with each step of the incorporation or restructuring of your company :

Constitution de sociétés - démarche administrative
  • Business permits

  • Administrative formalities (VAT registration, drafting of statutes, opening bank accounts, taxes, etc.)

  • Project management (establishing contact and liaising with lawyers, notaries, tax specialists, bankers, etc.)

  • Representation before legal bodies (director/manager mandate)

  • Analysis of your activities (audit, cost accounting)

  • Presentation of a business plan (production costs, forecast income statement, client segmentation, etc.)

  • Implementation of financial, operational and commercial management dashboards

  • Management advice

  • Improving processes and optimising your information systems

  • Professional coaching to help your employees achieve their collective & personal goals and develop a strong corporate culture.

Be entrusting these tasks to us, you can enjoy total peace of mind!


That way, you can devote yourself entirely to your profession and focus your attention on topics that will allow you to embark on new activities and quickly make profits.

Luxembourg - Pont Adolphe

To find out more about our company incorporation services, please fill in our  contact form.

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