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Equipe - secteur financier

Administrative and legal services

An all-in-one service for your company: administrative service, personnel management, legal assistance.

To allow all business managers to focus on their job and develop their business with peace of mind, AR Services has created a full range of services to meet various organisational and legal needs.


Our services are aimed at all types of companies, regardless of their size, activity or domiciliation. Depending on their needs, we can handle all or part of their administrative and legal management.

Your business management is in safe hands with us

AR Services ensures the availability of qualified personnel for all administrative and financial tasks. Our team can step in from time to time to address a specific need, or help out on a regular basis, across multiple skill areas :

Services administratifs et juridiques

Accounting :


  • Bookkeeping

  • Keeping track of invoicing and payments

  • Monitoring bank accounts, including preparing transfer instructions and monitoring bank payments

  • Monthly/quarterly/semi-annual reports for group or regulatory purposes

  • Publication of annual financial statements and other legal formalities


Archiving :


  • Filing internal records (contracts, invoices, tax returns, etc.)

  • Creating and updating files based on documents received from the company or prepared by AR Services

  • Electronic storage of documents (private portal)

  • Administrative secretariat and personnel management

Secrétariat administratif et social

Administrative secretariat :


  • Call answering service and hotline

  • Mail handling, e-mail processing services

  • Assistance with/organisation of meetings, preparation of minutes of Board of Directors/Management Board meetings

  • Organisation and preparation of documents for Annual General Meetings/ Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders or Members


Personnel management :


  • Formalities relating to recruitment and employment contracts

  • Social security formalities: declarations of affiliation with and/or withdrawal from the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS), social security contributions, sick leave

  • Management of personnel costs: payment of salaries, preparation of pay slips, management of tax cards, payment of taxes and other contributions, etc.

  • Initial registration with various public authorities in Luxembourg (business permits, VAT number, affiliation with the Joint Social Security Centre, etc.)

A local legal service to defend your rights in Luxembourg

Our tax experts have in-depth knowledge of the tax regulations and laws in force in Luxembourg. They keep up to date about legislative developments and new tax measures. Their expertise allows them to interpret laws accurately and apply them to your specific situation.


By calling on our legal service, you will benefit from accurate information and sound advice that will help you with your decision-making.


We can also handle a number of time-consuming tasks, such as preparing tax returns, drafting legal documentation related to corporate share transfer agreements, fiduciary agreements, subscription/redemption agreements, bond agreements, loan agreements, etc., and represent you before the tax tribunals.

Luxembourg - Pont Adolphe

To find out more about our administrative and legal services, please fill in our contact form.

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