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Domiciliation / Office rental

Expand your business in Luxembourg by registering your head office there and/or by opting for a flexible office rental solution.

Registering a company in Luxembourg offers many advantages in terms of taxation, in particular thanks to the competitive tax rates, but also with regard to regulations which allow investors to benefit from a stable and transparent framework that is conducive to the development of their international business.


Moreover, Luxembourg offers a major asset to companies wishing to develop their business in Europe because, in addition to its multicultural population, many French, Belgian and German cross-border workers have chosen to work there. Companies can thus benefit from qualified and multilingual staff.


Depending on the activity you carry out, it is not always necessary to buy or rent premises. A domiciliation agreement is a practical solution that allows you to rapidly carry out your activity in the Grand Duchy, at a lower cost because you do not have to pay the expenses related to rent, electricity, maintenance of premises and other charges associated with owning property.


AR Services can provide you with a head office and a complete range of services for good business management:

Domiciliation / Location de bureaux au Luxembourg
  • Administrative secretariat (telephone switchboard, mail and e-mail management, organisation of meetings, preparation of minutes, electronic archiving via our private portal, etc.)

  • General accounting (invoice entry, cash receipts/payments, cash flow monitoring, preparation of annual financial statements, etc.)

  • Tax (tax returns, tax payment, VAT returns, financial advice and optimisation, etc.)

  • Auditing/cost accounting (analysis of the financial situation, identification of strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and recommendations, etc.)

  • Director or manager mandate (signing contracts, participation in General Meetings/Board of Directors meetings, representation before legal bodies, etc.)

It should however be noted that in the context of a commercial, artisanal or service provision activity, the company must provide evidence of a lease contract in Luxembourg to obtain an operating permit. In this specific case, domiciliation does not allow such companies to take advantage of double taxation benefits and requires an office rental in substance.


AR Services provides all companies – whether they are subject to a domiciliation agreement or they pursue a commercial activity – with access to professional premises (offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces) on an occasional or ongoing basis.


We can therefore meet their needs by ensuring an operational and comfortable working environment.

Luxembourg - Pont Adolphe

To find out more about our domiciliation and office rental services, please fill in our contact form.

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