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Taxes and taxation: entrust your tax affairs to our experts !

You’re an entrepreneur or a private individual and you’d like delegate the tedious task of preparing tax returns and calculating taxes to our experts? Or perhaps you’d like to optimise your tax situation to reduce your tax rate and make better investments?


Taxation is a constantly changing field that can be complex and time-consuming depending on each particular situation. A good knowledge of accounting and of tax laws is necessary to ensure that you complete your returns correctly, maximise the deductions that you’re entitled to, and take advantage of the tax incentives available.


We offer services tailored to private individuals, such as the analysis of their financial situation (income, deductible expenses, family situation, etc.), access to all information regarding their tax obligations and rights, and advice on how to optimise their taxation and prepare their tax returns, etc.


Our scope of services for professionals ranges from simple audits to the management of their tax accounting from A to Z.


Our tax experts can offer you day-to-day support with all tax-related topics : 

  • Advice and development of tax strategies

  • Preparation and submission of income tax/business tax returns, withholding tax returns on dividends and bonuses, etc.

  • VAT registrations, VAT returns (annual and periodic)

  • Preparation and submission of Intrastat declarations and intra-Community recapitulative statements

  • Preparation and submission of FATCA/CRS reports

  • Payment of taxes

  • Assistance during tax audits, requests for payment deadlines, establishing contacts and representation before administrative courts

  • Etc.

Tax optimisation is a major issue for many people and companies. A tax expert can help you identify strategies and opportunities that will reduce your tax burden both legally and efficiently.


By calling on a tax expert, you can focus on your business or your interests with total peace of mind !

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To analyse your financial situation and obtain tax advice,

please fill in our contact form.

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