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Director / Manager mandate

Liquidator / Liquidation Auditor mandate

AR Services helps you at every stage of your company’s life : creation, development, reorganisation, liquidation.

When an investor chooses to register his company in Luxembourg, he is obliged to adapt to the laws and regulations in force there. The company must comply with local law, particularly with regard to taxation.


To ensure that you follow the rules in force when starting up a new business in Luxembourg, it’s essential to call on a professional who has advanced knowledge of the taxation system as well as company and labour law.


Likewise, whether your aim is to ensure the sustainability of a company, to develop its turnover and gain marketplaces or to consider a restructuring plan to address a downturn in activity, it’s important to call on reliable experts who are highly proficient in their respective fields.

Our director/manager mandate tasks

As an authorised representative for companies domiciled in Luxembourg, AR Services plays a key role in the day-to-day management of these companies.


We ensure the smooth running of companies by providing the following services:


  • Administrative management (administrative secretariat and personnel management)

  • Keeping accounts, preparing financial reports

  • Control over the company’s bank accounts and assets

  • Tax returns and tax optimisation

  • Study of investment opportunities

  • Decision-making according to guidelines and in the company’s best interests

  • Signing relevant contracts and/or drafting limited powers of attorney

  • Participating in Board of Directors/Management Board meetings, and General Meetings of Shareholders/Partners

  • Etc.


This management mandate impels us to master various areas of expertise, to intervene in administrative, financial and legal issues, and to make decisions that will have an impact on the company’s future.

Our liquidator / liquidation auditor mandate tasks

At AR Services, we are here to help you cope with difficult situations and to take care of all the formalities associated with a cessation of activities.


The dissolution of a company involves carrying out all administrative and financial procedures in order to comply with the law.


The liquidation procedure varies according to the company’s situation and can take different forms:​


  • Standard liquidation which leads to the closure of the company

  • Simplified liquidation or dissolution that puts an end to the company’s activity (but not to its legal existence).


As each procedure is subject to very specific conditions (presence or not of a single shareholder, voluntary decision without a solvency problem, status of the annual financial statements and tax returns, etc.), our experts take care to analyse your situation in detail to point you towards the most suitable solution.


We can take care of all procedures related to the liquidation or dissolution of a company : 


  • Provision of mandates as liquidator or liquidation auditor

  • Keeping of liquidation accounts

  • Preparation of liquidation accounts and liquidation reports

  • Management of the company’s day-to-day operations & relationships with third parties

  • Drafting of legal documents relating to the liquidation process

  • Preparation and convening of General Meetings of Shareholders/Members

  • Coordinating and liaising with notaries, lawyers, tax specialists, shareholders/members, the liquidation auditor and local administrations

  • Monitoring legal publications

  • Preparing and submitting liquidation tax returns

  • Etc.


AR Services offers you a tailor-made solution and facilitates all of your procedures so that, as an entrepreneur, you can regain a stable financial footing and approach other projects with confidence.

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